Monday, March 9, 2015

Union City Transfer 3 Week 6

First area and first pair of boots finished. 
The horrible sad truth came last night around 11. I'm leaving Union City :( I wish I could stay for 12 more months, but this crazy and prepared city has been a dream to work in and I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve here! I am excited to get to know Jersey a little better though! 
- Oveja de Cerdo... aka pig ear. My companion was a champ and ate it with a smile. That's all I can say 
- Raul and fam are progressing really well! Raul is reading the doctrine and covenants and the family told us that "We are happier than ever before" so that's good. The Gospel Blesses families!
- Hermana Lara gave us watches with footprints across the face that are engraved on the back saying "when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." About that really cool story of footprints in the sand. She's the sweetest. Also, we're planning a trip to the DR. Something to look forward to for sure :)
- I finished the Book of Mormon and started D&C. God reveals His truth through prophets in all dispensations!
-Sebastian blessed the sacrament last week! 
Well this week I've been thinking about altruism (absolute selflessness). In my Psych 111 class at BYU we had a debate about whether is was actually possible to achieve. It's human nature to always think "what's in it for me" and be driven by some reward. Even though it might not be possible, we can definitely try. Well Christ was absolutely perfect and altruistic, so if we follow His example ... oops ran out of thought too many investigators on my mind... I'll let you finish that thought :)
In President Henry B. Eyring's talk "Testimony and Conversion" he invites us to "pray for faith to repent of selfishness and the gift of caring for others more than ourselves." Wow that's so cool! I've been trying it out and I'm definitely still a selfish person, but I have felt an increase in love for the people I'm serving and forget myself a little more every day. I'm so grateful we have prophets that guide us and reveal simple truths that help us become better disciples of Christ. 
Time's up but I hope you all have an excellent week and feast on the words of Christ!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Stone

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