Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Transfer 4 Week 4

Hi friends! 
I feel so bad I never leave enough time to write this email, but some great things happened this week!
~The Easter video came out! helives.mormon.org please check it out right now! Share it with everyone! It will invite the Spirit wherever you are and however you feel. Someone needs to see it and you can be the answer to their prayer! Please share it!
~ Women's Conference! Families. the Gospel blesses families! I know this with all my heart. Also, my favorite part was "lighen someon's burden by strengthening them." Rarely is our burden taken away from us, but Christ will always strengthen us so we can bear it.
~Fun object lesson we did this week. We took 2 cans of soda one empty and one unopened. The full one represented a family who is studying the scriptures and praying and attending church as a family. The other is not. When Satan attacks (as he constantly and relentlessly is) there is great damage and despair...maybe not at first, but ultimately they cannot resist. Whereas the family who is doing these 3 ESSENTIAL things stays whole (see pic below feat. Hermano Martin)
~Alicia and Kayre (recent converts) are progressing really well and had their first Family Home Evening last night with some members of the ward. We love them sooo much!
~Sunday we had a miracle lesson with Lola and through her we found her sister in law and started teaching her! More to come soon with them!

I love my Savior, I love His Gospel and Plan of Happiness, I love Red Bank, New Jersey!

Hermana Stone

PS Tulip Festival is coming up in Washington or maybe has already started and if someone could send me pics of that I will love you forever!

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