Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Transfer 4 Week 4

Hi friends! 
I feel so bad I never leave enough time to write this email, but some great things happened this week!
~The Easter video came out! helives.mormon.org please check it out right now! Share it with everyone! It will invite the Spirit wherever you are and however you feel. Someone needs to see it and you can be the answer to their prayer! Please share it!
~ Women's Conference! Families. the Gospel blesses families! I know this with all my heart. Also, my favorite part was "lighen someon's burden by strengthening them." Rarely is our burden taken away from us, but Christ will always strengthen us so we can bear it.
~Fun object lesson we did this week. We took 2 cans of soda one empty and one unopened. The full one represented a family who is studying the scriptures and praying and attending church as a family. The other is not. When Satan attacks (as he constantly and relentlessly is) there is great damage and despair...maybe not at first, but ultimately they cannot resist. Whereas the family who is doing these 3 ESSENTIAL things stays whole (see pic below feat. Hermano Martin)
~Alicia and Kayre (recent converts) are progressing really well and had their first Family Home Evening last night with some members of the ward. We love them sooo much!
~Sunday we had a miracle lesson with Lola and through her we found her sister in law and started teaching her! More to come soon with them!

I love my Savior, I love His Gospel and Plan of Happiness, I love Red Bank, New Jersey!

Hermana Stone

PS Tulip Festival is coming up in Washington or maybe has already started and if someone could send me pics of that I will love you forever!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transfer 4 Week 3

Hi friends! 
Well another great week out here in Red Bank!
We started off with a zone activity on THE Jersey Shore. I don't recommend watching the show but it was pretty cool to visit a well known spot and run around in the sand :)
So many good things happened this week and I learned a lot so I'll just make a list
~ ALICIA was BAPTIZED Thursday night! Her brother in law performed the ordinance.
~The Encyclopedia of Mormonism is the coolest thing ever written. (Mama I wouldn't be opposed if this showed up on my birthday ;) . I'm a nerd and when I get home I just want to read it all the way through. 
~ Everything has spiritual significance. Eternal perspective is key. The worldly cares and worries we have are significant to Heavenly Father. Our concerns are His concerns. There is a spiritual connection ALWAYS and doing things that increase and exercise faith in Jesus Christ are always a part of the solution to our problems.
~ The members in our ward told me that I don't sound gringa at all! I didn't really believe them at first, but it did boost my confidence in my Spanish
~ Snow. I thought we were done with that. It's alright though because it's gone now. We actually got snowed in and couldn't use our car because the roads were suuper bad. Sister Mendonca has a lot of health problems so we thought we couldn't go out, but she was super brave and just trusted in the Lord with all she had and we worked our area on foot. We saw so many miracles that night and met so many incredible people who are prepared to receive the Gospel. She did suffer physical after, pero me dijo "vale la pena." Wow my companion is so awesome. 
That same night as we were walking with some of our members, we saw our recent convert who was walking through the storm inadequately dressed. I gave him my hat wishing I had more I could give, put my hood up, and kept going. 15 minutes later our member said he had to stop at a tienda to pick something up. He came back out and put a hat on my head. I was not expecting it at all. This man does not have much and it was definitely a sacrifice for him to buy. I told him he doesn't need to spend money on us and that I could buy it and he told me in a firm voice that he needed to do this. He needed the blessings of serving someone/doing missionary work by helping the missionaries (Mosiah 2:17). I'm not explaining this well, but it was a tender mercy of the Lord and I KNOW that he will be blessed 10 fold for the sacrifice he made. 
I love you all and I love missionary work and I love Jersey!
Be an answer to someones prayer this week! Miracles are everywhere!
Hermana Stone


fotito del bautismo de Alicia!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfer 4 Week 2

Hi friends! 
No time this week but I'll just hit the high points really fast
~Kayre (11) was baptized! The whole primary and their family friends came out to support her! It was so great to see their excitement and appreciation for the opportunity they/we have to make and keep covenants with our Heavenly Father!
~Our recent convert Jose was really struggling with the Word of Wisdom, it's hard to quit after 12 years, and he really applied the Atonement in his life and no longer has anything to fight! It's been 3 weeks and he doesn't have any desire to smoke anymore! The Atonement is REAL!
~I got to see my mama (trainer Sister Harris) this week at Zone Meeting and Conference and again today!
~Alicia, Kayre's mom, is getting baptized on Thursday! It's a busy week!
I love you all so much! Keep the faith! Keep reading the scriptures and praying, it's the little things that matter most!
Hermana Stone

Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's hear it for Brasil!!! Red Bank Transfer 4 week 1

Hey friends!
So this week I was transferred to Red Bank (an area that covers 17 or so cities)! South Jersey on the shore with trees and water :) Union City was a blast, but I am soooooo happy to be in a place that has nature! 
My new companion is from the AMAZONS! Yep Brasil! Sister Mendonca is so amazing, she's fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and learning English and Japanese. Wow so cool. We basically only speak Spanish because she struggles with English and gets frustrated. We're helping each other out a lot :)
Well after Transfer conference we had a little bit of an adventure because Sister Mendonca doesn't drive and it was my first time driving in Jersey. Also, I don't have a GPS so poor planning on my part. Thankfully the last missionary in this area let us borrow hers until we get a new one and it still has the addresses in it! Driving home we followed our Zone Leaders and a huge storm hit. It was tricky, but we made it safely. The next day we basically got snowed in and had to cancel our appointments, but our Awesome branch mission leader and his wife picked us up and the person we were teaching and we had the lessons in the house! I was blown away! They are the MVP's in my book right now!
There is so much work to do here! It's kind of like a treasure hunt finding the people who speak Spanish, but when we do, we find a lot of them!
We just started teaching a dad of a part member family and he is really receptive to the gospel! I know he wants what's best for his family, and that his family can be eternal! It's not just individuals fighting for a spot in the Celestial Kingdom, but families progressing and making righteous decisions together!
We have a mother and daughter on date to be baptized this Sunday and the Thursday following! More info on them next week!
I'm out of time, but I hope life is good :) Ether 12:28
Con mucho amor
Hermana Stone

Last pic with La familia Martinez in Union City ... Love them!
Elysa and her new companion

Union City Transfer 3 Week 6

First area and first pair of boots finished. 
The horrible sad truth came last night around 11. I'm leaving Union City :( I wish I could stay for 12 more months, but this crazy and prepared city has been a dream to work in and I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve here! I am excited to get to know Jersey a little better though! 
- Oveja de Cerdo... aka pig ear. My companion was a champ and ate it with a smile. That's all I can say 
- Raul and fam are progressing really well! Raul is reading the doctrine and covenants and the family told us that "We are happier than ever before" so that's good. The Gospel Blesses families!
- Hermana Lara gave us watches with footprints across the face that are engraved on the back saying "when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." About that really cool story of footprints in the sand. She's the sweetest. Also, we're planning a trip to the DR. Something to look forward to for sure :)
- I finished the Book of Mormon and started D&C. God reveals His truth through prophets in all dispensations!
-Sebastian blessed the sacrament last week! 
Well this week I've been thinking about altruism (absolute selflessness). In my Psych 111 class at BYU we had a debate about whether is was actually possible to achieve. It's human nature to always think "what's in it for me" and be driven by some reward. Even though it might not be possible, we can definitely try. Well Christ was absolutely perfect and altruistic, so if we follow His example ... oops ran out of thought too many investigators on my mind... I'll let you finish that thought :)
In President Henry B. Eyring's talk "Testimony and Conversion" he invites us to "pray for faith to repent of selfishness and the gift of caring for others more than ourselves." Wow that's so cool! I've been trying it out and I'm definitely still a selfish person, but I have felt an increase in love for the people I'm serving and forget myself a little more every day. I'm so grateful we have prophets that guide us and reveal simple truths that help us become better disciples of Christ. 
Time's up but I hope you all have an excellent week and feast on the words of Christ!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Stone