Monday, February 23, 2015

Transfer 3 Week 5

Hi friends!
Wow this week was fantastic. First off I just want you all to know that Union City, New Jersey is known and loved by Heavenly Father. He is acutely aware of all of these people, their needs and their desires. I feel so blessed to be here. 
Well yesterday Princesa Evelyn was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! What an essential gift to have and a true blessing. I know she will cherish the guidance she receives daily through the Spirit. 
Argus Martinez (youngest son of Carlos) was baptized by Sebastian (older brother). This was the most special thing I have been able to see so far. It all begin one night in December when we talked to his dad who was running out to buy Argus new pants. We asked him if he liked Christmas, he invited us in to chat with his mom, called us back another day, discovered the truth and was baptized himself. Later in January he baptized Sebastian. Yesterday Sebastian baptized Argus. This legacy of righteousness will continue on for generations and bring more light and truth and happiness than anything else in the world could. Wow. I love them so much. 
We have another family we are working with and they are progressing really well! Raul wants so badly for his family to be united and focused on God. Well Heavenly Father put us in his path and His gospel is blessing this family! They come to church and activities, read the Book of Mormon, pray together and want to be baptized in 2 weeks! I'll keep you up to date!
I was reading in the book of Ether this week in the Book of Mormon and I picked up on a cool principle (chapter 12 verse 4). Hope comes from faith which makes an anchor to the souls of men. I love that because en un mundo loco, a crazy world that's always changing, we need something to anchor us. Faith in God, unbreakable faith, is the anchor we need. "which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God." I want to be sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, and always being led to glorify God. I know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the fullness of the doctrine of Christ on the earth today. I know that God is my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the Gospel in these latter days!
I love you all so much and hope you will spend some time this week thinking of your anchors :)
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Stone

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Best Valentine's Day EVER!

Hi Friends! Another great week has come and gone.
True love is ... a lot of things. I'll let you fill in the blank smile emoticon My simple answer is service.
I was sooooo lucky to spend Valentine's Day in the BIG APPLE! Yep that's right! Sister Harris came up from Tom's River and we took C* and S* to the Manhattan temple to do work for their family! They did 5 family names and LOVED IT! It was the most special Valentine's Day ever. They were so happy to help their family accept the gospel! Mi corazon es lleno! It's going to be so hard to leave la familia M*! A* will be baptized this coming Sunday 2/22/15 and that'll [be the whole family now baptized]!
This week a new family FOUND US! They invited us over Saturday, came to church Sunday, and invited us back for tonight!!! Wow! They are so golden! I'll keep you updated on the familia de R* y P* y N* (sus hijas de 14 y 16 anos). Heavenly Father sure loves His children in Union City! So many people are prepared with questions and challenges that help them realize they need something more in their lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The Best thing that happened this week was that E*'s mom gave her permission to be baptized!!!!! Her faith (and patience) is stronger than anybody else I have met before. She always told us even if I have to wait until I'm 18, I will do what Heavenly Father wants me to do. 1 Nephi 3:7 "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." Sunday 2/15/15 E# was baptized! This 8 year old girl has brought the entire ward together. There's something beautiful about people coming together to support someone in following the example of Jesus Christ (baptism). Our less active member D* brought beautiful cupcakes, the primary prepared a special presentation, the Bishop spoke to her, the Relief Society and Elder's Quorum reached out to her mom. Everyone was just awesome. I know her example to her family will strengthen them and they will continue to see miracles!
The Gospel Blesses Families!
Here's a cool CS Lewis quote! about what it means to see Jesus Christ as a missionary:
“We can say we believe in Christ as we believe in the sun at noon day, not that we can see it, but that by it, we can see everything else”.
I love you all so much and I want to hear about the miracles you see this week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Stone
At Julliard

Princesa Evelyn

At the NY Temple on Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 21

Hi friends!
I don't have much time this week but we definitely saw miracles happen!
-_____ our less active friend

who we haven't been able to make contact with in over a month met with us and came to Stake Conference too! He's starting to do family history and has a goal to go to the temple and put his priorities back in order.
-Sister Harris is coming back up and we get to take Carlos to the temple this weekkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so pumped
-I translated Stake Conference for the Carlos, Sebastian, and Argos and it went pretty well! Spanish is coming along!
-Last night we prayed before we left the house to meet someone who is ready and waiting to accept the gospel and be a part of God's Kingdom on the, we do this almost daily, and then the first person we saw accepted a baptismal invite!
That's all love you!
SIster Stone

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 20 and a BODA!!!

This week has been a good one for sure! We focused a lot on finding members who haven't come to church in awhile. In the process we tried la familia Robles and they were home! We talked about the love God has for each of us. His love is perfect and infinite! They were super excited to come back to church and feel the Spirit more in their lives by praying and reading the scriptures. They couldn't make it to church yesterday, but we're going to keep working with them and we know they'll come! We visited so many people and made a lot of calls and a good number of them said they would come to church, so it was a little sad when it was 10:30 Sunday morning and I was sitting by myself, but miracles happen after the trial of our faith! I saw a woman walk in so I invited her to sit with me . When I asked her name she was a member who we've called and tried so many times but could never see her! She hadn't been to church in years! She felt the Spirit so strongly that she even shared her testimony during the meeting! Right after Hna Zabala came, Dalia walked in as well! She participated actively in the Gospel Principles classes and was so excited to read the scriptures too!
Evelyn is still on date for Feb 22!
So many miracles everywhere!  Sorry I'm out of time!
2 Nephi 25:26
Con Muchisimo Amor
Hermana Stone

Sorry this isn't the clearest picture, but this is Sister Parker and the wedding cake the Relief Society President made!