Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 16

Hi friends! Feliz Ano Nuevo!
Union City must have evacuated on the 31st because it was super quiet and a little creepy in the streets, but we watched How Rare a Possession with our favorite member Hermanita Lara, then planned for the next day, and hit the sack at 10. We were pretty tired and figured the best way to celebrate was to get enough sleep to start off the new year reenergized. Maybe I'll stay up tilmidnight for 2017 :)
This week was really great! We exceeded all of our goals and met so many awesome people. I love talking to everybody and I'm so grateful that our area gives us the opportunity to walk and meet huundreds of people a day!
Carlos was confirmed yesterday and set up an appointment to be interviewed to receive the priesthood this coming Sunday in Sacrament meeting, then he is going to baptize his 16 year old son Sebastian after church! We are soooooooooooo excited! He's definitely a blessing in our lives and the Union City Ward, but it's even more special to see the blessings his family is receiving for following the example and Gospel of Jesus Christ!
My testimony grows everyday as I'm doing the Lord's work and trying my best to be an instrument in His hands. I see miracles all around everyday and I hope you can too! Love you all so much!
Hermana Stone

Here's the lovely Hermana Lara <3 The only smiling pic she's ever taken in her life!

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