Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best Christmas Ever! Week 15

Hi friends!
I've been saying it all week and I can't say it enough! This was the best Christmas yet! I've heard so many times from so many different people "turn out" "focus outward" etc. but I finally felt the difference. It was awesome to get packages and feel the love from home and friends, but as a missionary, the greatest gift is helping others discover and accept the gift of Jesus Christ. 3 weeks ago we talked to every single person who crossed our path for an entire week. At the end of the week one of those people called our number on the card and invited us back to talk more about the message we share, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught Carlos twice a week for 3 weeks and yesterday he was baptized! The program was almost flawless and Heavenly Father's love was tangible in the room. We are so happy that he found the happiness he has been searching for his entire life. He's so cute, as we were about to close the meeting he asked if he could share his testimony! Wow. He stood up and shared one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard. It was a simple statement of what he knew to be true: Heavenly Father loves him. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth today in the exact same form as when Christ established it. There is no other way to receiving eternal life except through Jesus Christ and following His example. And he did just that! I've only been out for 3 months, but if nothing else happens in the next 15 months it will still be so worth it. Doctrine & Covenants 18: 15-16 the scriptures are more eloquent than I am.
Something that broke my heart in the happiest way this week were 3 of the cutest ninas ever! My family sent a bunch of rings for me to give out to the kids here. They are little green shields with HLJ written on it. In Spanish HLJ stands for Haz lo Justo and in English it's CTR which means Choose the Right.  These 3 little girls were so beyond happy to receive these "presents." They said it was the best present they'd ever had. A lot of little kids say that about any gift, but these girls don't have anything. It was a humbling experience that I'll remember forever. 
Another super awesome thing that happened this week was a surprise visit from the Schroedter Family! Right after I skyped my family they called and said they were in Union City. Most fun 10 minutes ever! Love them so much!
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and keep the Spirit of Christmas alive until Christmas rolls around again! Por ejemplo, think of a gift you can give to Christ this year por ejemplo do service once a week or go to church every Sunday :) Blessings will come if you do this!
Miracles are all around us!
Con amor,
Hermana Stone 

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