Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Transfer 5 Week 5

Hi friends!
Holmdel = Heaven
I just want to start off by saying Holmdel, NJ is the most gorgeous city I've ever seen and I will live there someday.
Also, we explored the northern part of our area this week in Union Beach and Keyport and even 40 some miles away we have a view of Manhattan! It's incredible! I will never get tired of looking at that skyline!

Manhattan Skyline
Well the highlight of the week was definitely going to the Manhattan Temple!!!!!! We worked so hard with our recent convert _____ doing Family History and preparing family names and at the very last minute (literally 9 hours before) we pulled everything together and went to the temple!!! She loved it and it was such a special day. I know that Temples are the house of the Lord. There is so much I could say about it but not enough time or space. This website says it better than me anyway.
Other miracles of the week include
* The most spiritual Family Home Evening ever! Our investigator ____ came to our Elders Quorum President's house and we had a lesson on the Holy Ghost. It strengthened my testimony to hear the experiences of the children and the parents and even our investigator! At the end of the lesson, ____ turned to us and asked when he could be baptized because he knows he NEEDS the gift of the Holy Ghost. We put him on date for June 7! He has a lot to straighten out in his life but his desires to keep the commandments are so strong and he has true intention. I know he will see so many miracles as he shows his faith by keeping commitments and repenting!
*We had the coolest lesson with ____ and _____

and their kids about the Plan of Salvation using seashells that the girls brought back from their field trip to the beach. They understood really well! They are starting to make plans to get married (possibly on the beach!), prepare for baptism and be an eternal family! THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES!
*The gift of tongues is real! I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday about how we can be cleansed from sin through Jesus Christ, and I emphasized repentance. I prepared well in advance but I was still nervous for some reason that my Spanish would fail me. When I got up to speak everything just flowed out of my mouth perfectly and everybody was reverent and listened! Afterwards, one of the members in our area came up to me and told me que hablo con el lengua de Moroni haha. Miracles do happen, especially during those 3 hours every Sunday in church :) 
There is no greater joy in this world than actively living the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love you all! LQM,
Hermana Stone

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