Monday, May 11, 2015

Transfer 5 Week 4

Hi friends!
I could just write "Miracles" and my email would be complete, but I'll include a couple more things :)
This week we had a lesson with our recent convert ____ about family history work. It was the most spiritual lesson we've had with her yet! Ever since her grandpa passed away and she didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye or see him she has felt a heavy sadness. She shared with us that her knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and temple work and eternal families has brought her peace and joy and gives her hope every day. I know that this is true! One day they can be reunited and be an eternal family! We helped her start her family tree on and she has been collecting information to take names to the temple! The Gospel Blesses Families!
The most exciting miracle of the week was that for the first time since I've been here we had investigators come to church and not just one but 4!!!!!! All of these people who we've grown to love so much invited us over because they have family or friends who are members of the church! They are all making changes for the better in their lives and establishing relationships with Heavenly Father through diligent prayer, scripture study, and coming to church. I am so excited to see their faith and testimonies grow as they continue to keep these simple commandments!
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true! It was lost, but it has been Restored en plenitud! There is nothing that brings more happiness, and I invite you all to share what truly makes you happy with others as well!

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