Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 10

Today, and everyday, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I think Union City streets 26-37 (my area) has more latinos than the entire west coast combined! Which is totally possible because it is the most densely populated city in America. The buildings are 6 inches up to 4 feet apart and just filled past capacity. Finding is never a problem. And even if people aren't interested, they are 98% nice in turning us down. So that's just one little note of thankfulness.
Also I'm soooo grateful for my companera! She is the most pure hearted person I've ever met. I would compare her to Giselle in the movie Enchanted. She's una muneca for sure (doll). Favorite quote from her this week was "It was such a crazy weekend! We watched General Conference AND got a new kitten." She parties real hard. But really I'm learning so much from her how to be kind and gentle.
Well this week we dropped below 30 degrees. Wow it's pretty chilly here and dropping fast. Snow is coming in 48 hours! So we bought these Jazzy New Jersey beanies (see below)
Crazy story was about a man named Jose. He was an awesome street contact when we met him, but it turns out he just wants to bash us with Anti stuff and he is super contentious. Our phone broke last week and we didn't have a phone for 4 days then we got a temporary extra phone with a new number which turned out to be a huge blessing because he couldn't harass us on the phone anymore. Then on Saturday night we were teaching a less active member who comes to play futbol in the Church and Jose just comes running in and pulls up a chair and joined our lesson! Not cool. Hermana and I both just about peed our pants. We pretended like we weren't bothered at all, but we were both just praying our guts out that Hugo could feel the spirit. Jose began to bash and kept us there for 2 hours, we had another appointment that we ended up missing, and over all just not a good experience, but Hugo rose to the occasion and was defending and pointing out his logical fallacies. So if nothing else I think his testimony grew.
Fiesta de Accion De Gracias con mi companera!
I have no time left but I would say everything I'm grateful for! Family, BYU, warm blankets, mountains, Washington, and food are just a few.  Most importantly, and if you know nothing else about me know this. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that because of Jesus Christ we can have eternal families. I know that I can be forgiven or my wrongdoings and that I am not alone in my struggles or times of rejoicing.
I love you all and hope your testimony of Jesus Christ grows a little bit more this week!
Miracles are everywhere!
Con todo el amor en mi Corazon,
Hermana Stone

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