Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 13

Amigosss! Como le van?? I hope you've all had a great week of work, school, finals and everything else! Union City has been busy as ever and not too cold either! This email will probably be a little random because I don't have much time, but still an update!
For all my Anacortes friends or anyone who knows about our lovely Fidalgo Island, You will know who Willy Webster is. He is great! And even better we have an investigator here in Union City who is basically the same person, but Cubano and not baptized yet. He in jail for 3 more days but he texts us all the time asking about Book of Mormon and Bible stories. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a blessing to everyone! No matter what situation you are in, you can find peace and happiness in the scriptures. I have a huge testimony of this!
Question of the week: "If they don't care where you are and what you're doing on aFriday night...Why do they care so much about a Sunday morning????" That's all. But shout out to our 16 year old investigator who always ends up at the church on Fridays and Saturdays. Baby steps. Someday his parents will understand how important the gospel is to him and will hopefully soften their hearts and let him come to church and be baptized. He just wants to follow Christ's example.
Yesterday in Relief Society, we smelled amazing comida Dominicana the whole time and they finished the lesson early and served us all a Christmas Lunch! The UC building knows what's up and there is a door connecting the Kitchen to the Relief Society room! Also, they gave each of the women a gift bag full of makeup gifts. I was in dire need of purple and bright pink lipstick so this was a life saver ;) Haha I don't think it's very appropriate for gringa missionaries to wear, but maybe Hermana and I will play dress up with it on p days...
Christmas Week! Vamos al templooooooooooooooooo! I could not be more excited to go to the Temple! And in Manhattan too! It will be Hermana Harris' first time in New York and she's super jazzed about it! We also have All Mission Conference (aka Huge Christmas party) and Traditions with the Taggarts this week! Each Zone in the mission takes a turn going to the Mission Home in Morristown to spend a few hours doing family Christmas things like games, stories, and sharing testimony of our love and gratitude for our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. El es la Dadiva! He is the Gift! There is a really beautiful video on that is 2 minutes about it! Please please please check it out! It's a great way to get into the Spirit of Christmas and if nothing else a break from the cares of the world.
I love you all and pray for you always!
Hermana Stone

pic of the lovely Hermana Lara and Campusano! We love Dominicans!

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