Monday, November 3, 2014

Let's hear it for NEW YORK~Week 6/7

I am currently in Union City which is just across the water from NYC! I can see the empire state building almost any street I walk on It's So LEGIT. It's the most densely populated city in America and approximately 98% Hispanic. I set a goal to be fluent in a month and so living here is the greatest thing ever! The people are so diverse! In 6 days I have met and come to love people from 15 countries including Ecuador, peru, el salvador, republica dominican, mexico, honduras, cuba, guatemala, colombia, argentina, costa rica, brazil, korea, morocco, and syria! I love all Heavenly fathers children so much! The message of Jesus Christ is for every person on this earth from all these places and more! Life is so good, and it's even better with the gospel :)
So my trainer is the sweetest girl ever! Hermana Harris is from San Diego and we have connections off the wall! She lived in the same dorm at BYU and she was roommates with a girl I knew in Texas. BYU is such a (perfect) small world. She's fresh out of training herself but she's an expert in all things missionary related and obedience.
Pictured below is NYC! Can you spot the Empire State building? Probably not because the cloud is covering it's most distinguishing feature, but it's there on the right! We run along a walkway here some mornings when it's not in the 30's haha. Coolest running trail ever!!!
Some wise words from our mission President Taggart that I love so much that I can't not share:
"Faith is Power!... Become and Believe" I think the last part is somewhat open to interpretation but that's what makes it so great! For me, I want to become more like the Savior. He was perfect in every way. I know I won't achieve that in this life, but I believe that as I work harder every day trying a little harder to be a little better, I can.
I love you all so much and hope you have the greatest week ever!
Hermana Stone
Nosotros amamos Cristian! El es el mejor!
Yoga master, massage therapy, AND
Member of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter day Saints!

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