Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 week down and eternity to go!

1 week down and eternity to go!

Inline image 2Yo yo from Mexico! I have a lot of great pictures but the first is one of my favorites! These little dudes are all over campus, but easy to miss. El CCM is an oasis in this crazy city! The weather is perfect and we have palm trees and el Espiritu Santo. Everyone is sooo friendly and understanding of how hard it is transitioning and learning only spanish. I have the CUTEST and sweetest companera ever! Hermana Dearden is from Huntsville Alabama and we could not be a better match! We laugh til we cry every day and just love what we do. Our classes and church is completely in Spanish, but I'm pleased to say that after 2 days I can understand 90% of what is being said! We've taught our investigador 3 times already and what an experience! We pray so hard to have the Spirit and channel Christ's love for him! He's doing well and I know that everything he needs, this gospel can give him, and same for everyone else in the world! La Iglesia es verdadera! 

In relief society on 
Sunday we watched President Monson's talk from April 2014 conference and it has a message that we can all use to improve our lives. It's called "Love, the Essence of the Gospel" It was exactly what I needed to hear and I hope it helps some of you too! I am so guilty of not being as kind as I should and I apologize to each of you that I have hurt in the past. We can all do something every day to be a little more kind: smile, wave, show interest in another's activities, patience, or a sincere compliment. "May we begin now, this very day to respond in love and kindness to whatever may come our way." We never know the eternal consequence one act of kindness may have. 
Here's something, I have seen a few people here that I know! ... best of which is Elder Elijah Bingham who I was good friends with at BYU! Turns out he's my zone leader. How neat is that? Also Elder Weston Sundwall from the KTX and Elder Andrew Robinson, also met at BYU. 

The Lord is so good to us and I KNOW that he is with us every moment of everyday, even more so when the going get's hard.

I love you all so much, and pray for you each day! Please lift someone up with a kind word or deed :)

Hermana Stone

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